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House clearance service Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 Wednesday 5th October 2011

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Lift, Move and Train Ltd have extensive knowledge of Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 as we have been operating in this area for years. We have experience in both residential and commercial clearances as well as removals in this area. Call us now on 020 7903 5055 to see how much we can save you.

It is essential when you are researching through London clearance companies you choose a removal company who have knowledge of the area you are moving from, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7.

Property Clearance

We leave you with a clean and empty property, not an empty wallet.

Often the need for clearance services come in unexpected and unforeseen circumstances. We handle these difficult situations with true respect and understanding.

When may you require this service?

• Has your client inherited or is selling or bought a property, which is in need of a complete renovation? Is there  large amount of furniture and personal belongings which need storing or that you would like disposed of?

• Do you think by emptying the property beforehand, you can show the properties true potential, thus achieving a better sale value?

How we can be of assistance

There is no need for you to make any preparations. Our team will completely gut a property, removing all carpets, kitchen and bathroom units as well as any garden waste.

Any useful furniture for which you no longer have need will be donated to charity.

We can complete clearances under extreme time constraints.

We can offer you a cleaning service with up to a 15% discount when booked with your clearance.

A well-organised operation

We understand the importance of sale and completion deadlines.

We can work under extreme time constraints to ensure your move goes ahead as smoothly as possible.

With a fleet of 7 vehicles specifically for clearances, we can be available at very short notice.

We can provide you and your clients, with a flat fee, which will mean regardless of how many hours it takes to complete your clearance, you will not be charged any extra. It’s very difficult to predict what obstacles you may encounter when conducting a clearance. This is not for you to worry about! We guarantee to rid you property of any rubbish or furniture which you don’t want, within a specified time.

We can help you reduce your Carbon Footprint by donating unwanted furniture to local charities.